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Our team offers a wide range of general dentistry care including areas of the teeth, gums, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth. As a general dentist, Dr. Roberts offers preventative procedures which help maintain good oral health as well as restorative procedures which help bring about oral health.

Maintaining your smile. 


Preventive dentistry is oral care that involves education, treatment and practice of maintaining your teeth and gums. From daily brushing to annual dental cleanings, explains Healthline, these tasks are designed to avoid gum disease, cavities and enamel wear – which often leads to sensitivity.

We are confident that by having regular checkups and professional cleanings, you can reduce the effects of some of these factors, and when caught early enough some of these problems can be treated so they don’t become bigger issues. Make sure to adhere to regular cleanings every six month, and practice great oral hygiene at home. Our staff are available to help educate you on different resources to aid you in improving your at home dental care, so don't hesitate to ask. 


A dental filling is a direct restoration used to repair a decayed or damaged tooth and is often the first line of defense in a tooth that has been compromised. In our office, we almost always opt for composite resin, matched to the shade of your natural teeth, for our fillings. This preference is due both to the natural result that can be achieved with composite and the capability of modern composite materials to last just as long as the traditional dental amalgam.


Our office uses state of the art technology to aid in your diagnostic exams. We use all digital x-rays, which are beneficial to patients because it provides a fraction of the dose of radiation, compared to traditional film x-rays. 

One other important aspect of the dental exam is the oral cancer screening. This easy procedure is instrumental in detecting oral cancer before it is too late. If detected early enough, oral cancer is very curable. Our team is invested in your complete oral health which is why every patient receives this screening once a year. 

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